Create a Setting that Sells!

Home Staging helps sell your home for the
maximum price in the shortest amount of time.
I will  bring your home's best features forward
to ensure the finest presentation for potential
buyers.  Let me help you by showcasing  your
property for maximum impact.

Timing is extremely important in the real
estate market. A property attracts the most
excitement and interest from potential buyers
when it is first listed; therefore, it has the
highest chance of a sale when it is new on the

Staging sets the scene throughout the house
to create immediate buyer interest in your

At  Settings by Trish we can Stage your house
by rearranging and redecorating using your
furniture and accessories or by mixing our
accessory and accent pieces with yours.  
Many times the buyer will place their furniture
the same way the seller has it, so correct
furniture placement is very important

If your house is empty, we can Stage using
our furniture and accessories or a rental
service.  This can dramatically change the feel
of a room, creating a warm welcoming feeling.
The success of
homes sales in
todays real estate
market is greatly
influenced by
staging. What I
do is very
different from
interior design.
Homes are
"designed" for
living, but houses
are "Staged" for
selling. Knowing
the difference is
Sometimes all it
takes is a new
pair of eyes to
discover the
treasures that
you already own.

Over the years it
can be easy to
"lightly clutter"
our homes

As one
new furniture
and accessories
years of living, a
home can morph
into a less
attractive space.

                                             Home Staging
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Home staging in the East Bay area of San Francisco, California